Warrior, prepare for battle and summon your Viking ancestor!



This game is fantastic! Those familiar with the predecessor of this slot will strongly relate to its mechanics, characters, and theme. In its relentless pursuit of creating even better games, Caleta Gaming, the creator of the original Viking Madness released in 2020, spared no effort in bringing a new art style to one of its classics. What began as an unassuming technical test evolved into a new product, further enhanced with a new mathematical model!

“Our team pursued a completely different approach from the style our games usually have because the Xtreme factor demanded it, and it was an exciting challenge. We are always seeking new techniques and visual styles for Caleta’s games, and this time, our team brought a completely different approach, but without losing the essence of what made the 2020 Viking Madness so cool!” – Said Klewerton Bortoli, Lead Artist at Caleta Gaming.

Every element of the 2020 game has changed, and new animation effects and sounds have been created specifically for Viking Madness Xtreme. This attention to detail reflects the evolution of the market over the past four years. Check out the transformation of the characters:

Viking Madness, 2020

Viking Madness Xtreme, 2024


One of the main concerns during development was undoubtedly the soundtrack and sound effects. Viking Madness Xtreme needed an impactful soundtrack that matched the background and strength of the characters. In this regard, Caleta Gaming delved deep to convey the expected atmosphere of a Viking-themed game in every small effect, resulting in something impressive.

“We needed a sound that fit in with the new, more serious, and realistic look of the game. It was a lot of fun going after all these elements that captured the essence of what we wanted to convey to our player, and the result was incredible!” – commented Fabrízio Freitas, Chief Data & Product Officer.

Viking Madness Xtreme features a new RTP of 97.73% and Very High volatility.
Within this game, you’ll find three very entertaining bonus features that work as follows:

Battle of Giants

Randomly, the Battle of Giants feature can be activated. When the feature is activated, 2 random warriors appear on the screen to battle. The entire reels 3,4, and 5 are filled with the symbols of the winner.


Frozen Wilds

It is only possible to enter the Frozen Wilds bonus by purchasing it in the Buy-Feature menu. 5 spins are awarded when the bonus begins. Every time a Wild symbol appears on the screen, it gets frozen in that position until the end of the bonus.



Hittin’ 3 or more Ragnarok symbols will award Ragnarok a bonus. At the start of the bonus, a multiplier will be sorted among 2x,5x, or 10x, to multiply all wins during the bonus. In each spin of the bonus, 2 Jail symbols will land somewhere in the reels. When a jail bar lands in front of a warrior, this warrior is captured. There is no limit to how many spins can be played. The bonus ends when Ulf, Rurik, Helga, and Freya are captured. Hitting 3 or more Berserk symbols will release all warriors!

You don’t need to wait for randomness to enter these bonuses. Access and choose any of them whenever you want through the Buy Feature mechanic.

Viking Madness Xtreme is undoubtedly a game you need to try, and if the Viking theme is your forte, it’s highly likely to become one of your favorite games. So, show your bravery and make the gods proud on this epic journey!