“Brazil needs to realize that the lack of regulation is very harmful”



Brazilian Caleta Gaming was at GAT Expo last week in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Paulo Nova, firm’s CTO, says that the event was a success, exceeding expectations, and that the approval of its RNG and 16 games in the country has already opened doors not only in Latam, but in other jurisdictions. Much asked about the regulation of gaming in Brazil at the event, he replied that “the flexibility of sports betting was something previously unthinkable. This is already a good sign, but Brazil needs to realze that the lack of regulation is very harmful.”

GMB – For what purposes did Caleta Gaming participate in the GAT Expo?
Paulo Nova –
 Caleta Gaming participated in the GAT Expo event to increase networking, contact Colombian operators and create new business opportunities.

Were these objectives met?
Yes, and even exceeded our expectations. We are returning with a lot of experience, new contacts and a solidifying relationship with some of our customers and partners.

Has the return of in-person events brought a new lease of life to Caleta, which has been standing out more and more in the world market?
For sure, the face-to-face events came back with a lot of energy, I think everyone was quite homesick for this type of event. All the people I contacted were very happy to be there. In addition, part of the event was held outdoors, which further contributed to sanitary and safety protocols.

It was extremely satisfying to see that many people already knew about Caleta and our products, a sign that our sales and marketing department, as well as product and development, are doing their job very well.

Was the format of the event adequate, with business rounds and panels on relevant topics?
I believe so, there was a lot of discussion about how the pandemic affected the casino market, boosting online gaming, about regulation and the effects of illegality, the incredible increase in eSports, all these panels helped us to understand how the current Colombian market scenario is.

The business round was definitely the strong point of the fair, everyone was really excited to be able to talk face-to-face again.

The company certified its RNG and 16 more games last year for the Colombian market. Was it the right decision for this growing market? How does Caleta position itself in the country after this certification?
Yes, it was a good decision, as the Colombian market is the most demanding for Latam and a Colombian certification really has weight here in the country.

Certification was the first step in this market and with GAT we were able to take the second step in this direction. We will soon be in Colombia, either through direct customers or through our aggregating partners.

Certifying means gaining trust. Has this allowed for new business in other jurisdictions, as Colombia has been a benchmark for its online gambling regulation?
Yes, in fact both the Colombian certification, as well as the GLI-19, prove the quality of our products and services.

These certifications have already helped us to open doors in other countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru and even other countries outside of Latin America, where they are not required, but serve as a good certificate of quality.

As a Brazilian game developer company, were you asked a lot about the gaming regulation process in Brazil?
It couldn’t be different. I was asked a lot about the regulation and opening of the market and also about Caleta within the Brazilian market.

What I have to say is that when in fact everything is finally regulated, Caleta will be prepared and ready for new partnerships.

What was your response to these questions?
My answer is always in an informative and optimistic sense. In Brazil, we are at a moment of flexibility in sports betting that was previously unthinkable.

This is already a good sign, but Brazil as a whole needs to see that the lack of regulation is very harmful for us Brazilians. Both for the government and for the operators, suppliers and above all for the players.

The tax money that would be collected would be of great help to the country’s economy. Furthermore, several jobs could be created.

Here in Colombia, people already have this understanding and fight for the illegal to become legal and thus benefit their own country. That one, in my opinion. It is a very healthy way for the casino market to grow and solidify.

Source: Exclusive GMB