New Crash Game (Soft) Released: Pipa Crash



Challenges and Excitement Behind the Launch of Pipa Crash, Caleta Gaming’s First Game of its Kind.

We are thrilled to share a glimpse behind the scenes of the highly anticipated launch of Pipa Crash, a game that goes beyond traditional market offerings with authenticity and innovation.

The Caleta team is eager to see how players will receive Pipa Crash. The popularity of this theme is an artifact that dates back to ancient times in the country, transforming the popularity of kites into a cultural expression deeply rooted since the childhood of Brazilians. It is within this cultural layer that Pipa Crash is poised to take the skies not only in Brazil but worldwide, connecting generations in a completely new and fun way.

The pursuit of this experience led to extensive testing and iterations. The Caleta team dedicated countless hours to fine-tuning algorithms for social features to ensure that every button and animation provided a smooth and exhilarating experience for our customers. Automatic bets, auto cashout, social interactivity, and real-time competition were carefully designed to encourage friendly competition and give players a reason to connect and challenge each other to share their achievements.

So get ready to fly your kite, soar high, and conquer the skies.

Pipa Crash


Brace yourselves for an epic adventure in the skies!

Our all-new crash game is about to take flight, fusing the timeless thrill of kite flying with the pulse-pounding excitement of gaming.

Get ready to soar to new heights with features like autoplay, auto cash out, and multiple bets! It’s not just a game; it’s a high-flying experience that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Game Info:

Game Type: Crash multiplayer

Min/Max bet (€): 0.10/100

RTP: 97%

Volatility: Low-to-Medium

Max Win(€): 10000

Themes: Kite, Pipa, Sky, Fly, Clouds

Game Features:

  • Live Bets
  • Autoplay and Auto Cash Out