New Video Bingo Released: Beto Bingo



Beto makes a grand entrance: Introducing Caleta Gaming’s new mascot and his unique game, Beto Bingo!

A shiny coin with sunglasses and stylish sneakers, Beto pays tribute to the essence of the “BET”ting universe and embodies the fun and values that define Caleta Gaming.

Introducing a mascot like Beto is a strategic move to strengthen the brand identity further and enhance communication with the player community and Caleta Gaming’s collaborators.

Beto is a little coin that ventures into the world of casinos and can multiply in large numbers! He can navigate surreal casino dimensions through any slot machine, daring to engage in extreme games in search of fun and big prizes.

“We are thrilled to introduce Beto as the mascot of Caleta Gaming,” commented Joana Machado, Concept Artist at Caleta Gaming. “After creating several customizable games, it was about time we had our own game.”

Beto Bingo, the first game featuring the charismatic mascot, promises to captivate players with high volatility and an RTP of 95.16%.

Beto Bingo also features a Pick & Collect style bonus and the option to buy Extra Balls! In this new game, the closer you are to winning a big prize, the higher the chance of receiving a Special Ball, which allows you to choose any number on your bingo card.

Caleta Gaming is known for creating custom games for its clients. In a market saturated with a myriad of game options, a custom game allows for a significant standout from the competition, offering a unique and exclusive experience to players. It’s also enjoyable to see what they’ve done with their brand. 

We are already excited to see Beto transition into other game categories! Welcome aboard, Beto.