New video bingo released: Atlantis Bingo

April 8, 2022


The God of the Sea invites you to dive in the calm blue waters in our brand new game: Atlantis Bingo! Netuno is ready to welcome those who are brave enough to play his game full of surprises, bonuses, and features.

A new feature was designed especially for this game and Atlantis citizens: Progressive Card. In this feature, you’ll be able to enter the Ocean Fever Bonus where your bet can be multiplied up to 29.500x!

Along with that, the Atlantis Treasures Bonus is also available, where you can collect all the golden treasures from Atlantis and multiply the winnings, but beware of the tentacles!

You can also help the Princess of Atlantis to find her winnings on her special Bonus, just be careful to not break her mirrors and change your luck.

Are you ready to enter this magical place and conquer Atlantis?