Caleta announces new buy-in feature to boost player engagement

October 7, 2021


Caleta Gaming just launched a new Buy-In Feature for 10 premium games from its portfolio as part of an initiative to create more tools to engage players from multiple platforms and regions. With this new feature players can have more chances to win big prizes in a very practical way.

In the Buy-In feature, special events can be activated instantly from the base game by clicking the ‘BUY FEATURE’ button. Depending on the game math model, players may choose to buy free spins or instant access to bonus rounds to boost the odds of large winnings.

Fabíola Jaeger, CEO and co-founder at Caleta remarks “one of Caleta’s objectives in 2021 was to create new engagement tools. First we created the Rainbow Jackpot, then Gem Fever –  which is a bonus triggered by progressive bars – and now we made a Buy Feature possible. Initially we’re activating it in ten games, but the intention is soon to expande to others as well. The idea is to allow players a quick and easy way to enter in bonus stages and get to know every feature of our games, by paying for it. It is also important to point out that the Buy-In feature respects the randomness of our certified RNG. The feature runs by the same criteria as if the special bonus events were triggered from the regular game.”

The games receiving Caleta’s Buy-in feature are: Astro Wild, Ocean Richies, Dressing Room, Feel the Music, Football Pro, Basketball Pro, China Charms, Lost Saga, Lucky Express, Diwali Lights.


Caleta Gaming, a game provider based in Brazil, continues to focus on delivering engaging content to players worldwide by providing agile and seamless API Integration to online casino operators and aggregators. Despite having a team of no more than 20 people, Caleta is known for its agility, quality and efficiency in game development. All production is done in-house through GP5, Caleta’s proprietary tool.