Caleta hits 70th game milestone



Caleta Gaming, which provides a distinctive range of premium online and mobile gaming solutions with a specific focus on Latin America, launched its latest game, Botto Bingo, reaching the milestone of 70 proprietary games developed through its platform, the GP5. In addition to these 70 games, the company, from 2013 to 2017, produced about 50 games for several well-recognized operators within the gaming industry.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Fabíola Jaeger commented: “We have been in the market for eight years, and have developed about 120 games so far, which results in an average of 15 games produced per year. I can only be grateful for having such a competent team at my side, and also for having formed such solid business relationships with our partners.

Caleta has built an innovative portfolio of cross-platform products including a mix of slots, bingo, casino, lottery, and keno, with popular games such as Astro Wild, Viking Madness, Lost Saga, Hurricash, Ocean Richies, Bingo Tornado, Bingo Catch a Fish, Bingo Bruxaria, Banana Keno, Atomico Lotto and Bingo Señorita Calavera

Paulo Nova, co-founder, and CTO of the company added: “A large part of this agility, flexibility, and quality is the result of the development of our own platform, the GP5. These games were developed by Caleta Gaming’s cutting-edge GP5 platform, a proprietary HTML5 powered technology. Today, less complex games are ready in a maximum of two weeks. We are focused upon delivering results, not bureaucracy.”

Tim Heath, GP at Yolo Investments, which has invested in Caleta Gaming, also added: “I’m really proud of the whole Caleta Gaming team, which has built a brilliant foundation for continued growth during a particularly difficult time with the challenges posed by Covid. Onwards and upwards!

Caleta also provides agile and seamless API Integration to operators and aggregators and provides premium solutions for online and mobile games.