Video Bingo: Developers must focus on current tools to win over new generations



The BiS SiGMA Americas has concluded, and it was a significant event that sparked discussions on various fronts. Numerous panels and important speeches throughout the event brought many insights into what to expect from the iGaming market in the future. One of the highlights was the panel “Successful strategies: insights and challenges in the video bingo market.” Fabiola Jaeger (Caleta Gaming), Mariana Tostes (FBMDS), Sebastian Perrier (Neko Games), and Helen Zuñiga Tataje (Betmotion) participated in the debate.

Among several topics, competition with slots, advertising models and, mainly, the need to reach new generations were highlighted.

Firstly, Mariana Tostes, Head of Operations at FBMDS, stated that one of the advantages of video bingo in Brazil is the family connection that bettors have with the category: “Given the great diversity of games that exist today, we see that video bingo, Despite having a small participation, it has a very niche audience. This is precisely due to cultural characteristics. However, video bingo brings the Brazilian DNA.”

“In my family, for example, we hold events and there is always a video. It’s a really fun thing, it brings back a nostalgic part of the culture, church parties, fairs. So, I think it’s a popular game and has a lot of potential, despite being little explored,” she said.

Fabiola Jaeger, CEO of Caleta Gaming, highlighted the importance of investing in player education. She states that the market can deepen the content available about games to retain bettors: “Guidance! Despite having tabs with rules and everything, I think there is a lack of work to provide tools that provide this guidance to players. We, at Caleta, for example, made a tutorial video explaining a game.”

“Sometimes people are lazy to read. So, the video is very simple with everything about how the base game works; Extra ball and bonus. I think this part of the guidance is also ours, mainly, to reach these new generations. It’s very important,” added Fabíola.

Helen Zuñiga Tataje, Casino Product Manager at Betmotion, pointed out that the average age of video bingo fans on her site varies between 30 and 35 years old. Furthermore, she suggested that technological integration with slots would bring great benefits to the category.

“You have to mix it up with slot games because video bingos are simple and common. The player sees that he is going to play alone and does not play. Bingos are community games. So, it is important to combine categories and combine player profiles,” she explained.

Sebastian Perrier, Founding Partner at Neko Games, highlighted the importance of respecting the regional culture of each market. According to him, this brings the player closer together and helps popularize the category.

“As suppliers to Brazil, we make games thinking about the country’s mythology and customs. So, we use it from the name of the game in Portuguese. Today you go to a website and all the games are in English. So, making the game with an audience in mind, a specific audience, makes all the difference,” he concluded.

Source: GMB