Daily routine of a game art manager at Caleta Gaming – Interview with Klewerton Bortoli

December 15, 2021


Interview with Klewerton Bortoli, Game Art Manager at Caleta Gaming.

Press release.- Klewerton Bortoli, a 34-year-old living in Brazil, has been working at Caleta since 2017 and now he works as Game Art Manager. In this interview, he shares his experiences and responsibilities as a game art manager, including tips for candidates interested in embarking on a career in the gaming industry.

What are the responsibilities and daily routine of a game art manager?

My primary responsibility is to ensure the games look fantastic, clearly communicate the key features via images and animations, and ultimately deliver a fun experience to the players. This involves making sure the processes and the team work together. It is important that the art for a game is both properly prepared and delivered on time. Coordinating, checking and adjusting are a big part of the job.

How did you get started and how was your path to becoming a game art manager?

I´m a design graduate and while studying, I had some experience with animation and character design for games. I started at Caleta really fresh, but that was an ideal opportunity to develop myself as an artist and professional.

Was working in the game industry something that you planned or happened by chance?

I have never been a gamer, but I always liked illustration, animation, and storytelling. So, when I saw the opportunity for a position in the game industry involving these things, I was immediately interested. I didn’t know anything about casino games, but with time I learned a lot and started to enjoy it. Nowadays I love what I do, and I think I’m at an important point of my career.

Next year I’ll be at ICE London 2022 and it’s going to be a great opportunity to progress further in this industry and learn with professionals from around the world. I’m looking forward to it.

What tools (software and devices) do you use for creating arts and graphics for casino games?

We´re always looking for new ways to create art, with new software, devices, and processes. I often start a project with sketches drawn on paper or iPad, but from there the process becomes much more fluid. When the ideas are well defined, I usually use Adobe Photoshop to create the final illustrations, and After Effects or Spine for animations

What’s your creative process to create characters for online games?

I start by researching the theme we are working on. Looking for references, images and relevant artwork in different styles. Then, after a brainstorming, the art team starts to sketch different versions, mixing the ideas and looking for the best style. When a sketch is selected, we move onto producing the final art, with digital painting and the prepping of files for the animation.

What are the main challenges you face as a game art manager?

Keeping the art team producing with quality and agility, but without losing the creativity and that feel of freshness. Giving feedback to my coworkers is an important part of my job, not just critiquing what they are doing, but giving instructions that will ultimately improve our products.

What do you think is the most rewarding thing about working as an art manager in a game company?

I really like the idea that thousands of people around the world are spending some time playing the games that I have worked on. It makes me really proud. Another thing that I am really enjoying working on in this area is passing on my knowledge to the rest of the team.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work as an artist in the gambling industry?

Sure, studying art is important, but also learning about the tools used in the industry, the process of working with a team and how to go about working professionally in this environment. As a professional artist, you´ll need to be ready to face criticism and sometimes take your work in directions you may not have originally imagined. So don’t take it personally, but be prepared to learn in these situations and leave your comfort zone. That will help you a lot.