Fabíola Jaeger: “Brazil needs to see that the lack of gambling regulation is very harmful for Brazilians”

December 20, 2021


Fabíola Jaeger, Co-founder and CEO at Caleta Gaming.

Fabíola Jaeger, Co-founder and CEO at the Brazilian provider of premium games Caleta Gaming, talks about the future of the company and the industry for Brazil.

Exclusive interview.-  In the midst of the debate over the regulation of gambling in BrazilCaleta Gaming continues to grow and prepares for the challenges of next year. Fabíola Jaeger, co-founder and CEO of Caleta Gaming spoke with Focus Gaming News about the lessons that the pandemic crisis left her and announced that there will be new agreements on the horizon for the company.

What is the balance you make of this year that is coming to an end?

In January 2021, we resumed activities 100% in person after 9 months working remotely. It was a new adaptation, with all sanitary care and it was very positive. Face-to-face work is very important to Caleta, several team members work collaboratively on different tasks and having this interaction side by side makes all the difference. In practice, we could see that the process of hiring and retaining new talents flowed more solidly in person.

As in 2020, this year was very productive, we produced 19 games, in addition to new engagement features and numerous improvements to our platform.

In addition, in 12 months our team has doubled, today we are 20. We have expanded our physical structure and are growing in a way that I consider to be very healthy and controlled.

What lessons do you think the Covid-19 pandemic left behind for the industry?

Having our own technology and technological mastery was extremely important. Being able to adapt and adjust the environment and workflow without this domain would be more complicated. Keeping employees comfortable, engaged, focused and motivated has always been our main focus.

I believe that thanks to this the remote work flowed in an extremely productive way. In addition, we had an increase in demand for our products, as most land-based casinos remained closed for a long time and had to look for other solutions for their business models.

Throughout this year, Caleta Gaming signed different agreements as the content distribution deal with Jazz Gaming Solutions. What does this represent for the company? Do you have other agreements in mind for the next few months?

We closed several important agreements during 2021 with renowned companies in the gaming industry, such as: BetConstruct, Slotegrator, EveryMatrix, Pariplay, Jazz Gaming, Playbonds, among others. Having our games integrated with these companies is a great opportunity for Caleta and makes us very proud. I still can’t anticipate the next ones, but for sure in 2022 there will be a lot of news.

Caleta Gaming has managed to land in emerging markets that are growing by leaps and bounds. How do you see the future outlook?

Understanding the particularities and culture of each of these markets is a great factor to be considered. Thanks to the volume and good analysis of data through our business intelligence tools, today we are able to extract important information about what may work best in a specific market.

We have our headquarters in Brazil and the fact that we cannot operate here, due to the lack of regulation, is very frustrating, but we believe that in the near future this situation will be reversed. Meanwhile, we focus on delivering immersive and innovative content to players located all over the world.

Why is it so important for Brazil to regularize the gaming industry? Do you think it will be achieved in the medium term?

The Brazilian market has received a lot of attention from the main companies in the field in recent years. We were present at the BIS (Brazilian iGaming Summit) that took place on December 1st and 2nd, 2021, which proved this: Brazil has enormous potential and arouses a lot of interest in the entire global gaming industry. They are all immensely looking forward to the regulatory framework.

The country as a whole needs to see that the lack of regulation is very harmful for us Brazilians. Both for the government and for the operators, we suppliers and above all for the players. The money collected from taxes would be of great help to the country’s economy. Furthermore, several jobs could be generated.

I believe Caleta is well positioned for regulation and can offer excellent growth opportunities. In 2020 we achieved the GLI-19 certification and license in Colombia, which in my view could be applied to Brazil.

Anyway, we are rooting for this change to finally happen and willing to collaborate with whatever it takes to make it happen soon and precisely.

What are the next steps of the company for 2022 and the plans for the upcoming years?

We are in the expansion phase and we are determined to maintain this healthy growth, being very attentive in our selection process. Luckily our office is very well located, in the city of Florianópolis, a beautiful city and at the same time a technological hub. A lot of people want to live here.



“We want to continue expanding the distribution of our games, obtaining other licenses and certifications for strategically selected markets.”Fabíola Jaeger, Co-founder and CEO at Caleta Gaming.

Today, we are widely recognized for our agility, quality and efficiency in game development. All production is done in-house using our proprietary tool, the GP5. So we must continue to focus on improving our products and platform, bringing innovation, as well as continuing to provide Agile API integration for online casino operators and aggregators around the world.

Therefore, continuing the good work with current customers, as well as attracting new ones to achieve greater distribution and visibility, continues to be our greatest motivation.

Source: Focus Gaming News