Caleta Gaming reaches the incredible mark of 100 games released: Interview with Fabíola Jaeger and Paulo Nova

December 09, 2022


Caleta Gaming in its almost 10 years of history has conquered a space in the iGaming industry that seemed unimaginable for the small Brazilian company located in Florianopolis/SC. With the release of Rainbow Keno, the latest game developed by the provider, the mark of 100 titles was reached in a portfolio that includes slots, video bingos, kenos, scratchcards and lottos. Founders Fabíola Jaeger and Paulo Nova, CEO and CTO, respectively, talk about the company’s trajectory, milestones, and next steps.

What does this milestone represent in Caleta’s history?

Fabíola: I am very proud of everything we have achieved so far. Caleta’s been around for almost 10 years, creating games for other companies for the first five. After that, when our investor partner joined us in 2018, we decided to change our business model to create only proprietary Caleta games. I believe it was an assertive decision that allowed us to come up with our own game development tool, GP5, with which we create games simply and nimbly, with no lack of quality or security. Today, I am very happy to have achieved this goal, but we will not settle, we still have a long way to go.

Paulo: The 100th game is a very important milestone for us. We are part of a giant industry with many big competitors around the world, and yet Caleta has been delivering products with great quality, agility, and competitiveness. We are very happy with our trajectory and everything that has been done so far. Especially for us founders, who have made such a huge effort to get here, it is an extremely important milestone and a great personal achievement.

What are your favorite games?

Fabíola: I really like Banana Bingo, it is a fun game and I really like its sounds, no wonder it’s one of our most played games. Another one I really like is Betina Bingo, a game with a feminine touch where the character needs to get ready for a party during the bonus. I also like the Indian slot Diwali Lights, as during its conception we learned a lot about this interesting culture.

Paulo: I have always liked creative and fun games. I really like Saga Loca, which has an unlucky thief, and Crazy Lab, which was based on a mad scientist. Both have entertaining sounds and are very fun. Among the most recent ones, I really like World Wild Cup, which we made especially for the World Cup and is a big hit!

What was the most random thing you have ever done during your trajectory at Caleta?

Fabíola: It is hard to answer, because we have done a little bit of everything in all these years in the company. I believe the most unusual thing for me was delivering furniture and supplies to the employees when the pandemic hit in March 2020. We believed that it would last only a few days, but when we realized how severe the situation was, we had to come up with a solution to support our employees and give them comfort. We took Paulo’s car and took desks, chairs, and computers to each of our employee’s houses. This was certainly the most unusual and unexpected situation – it really touched me.


Paulo: Every founder has gone through unusual situations as we have been in the company since the beginning. Here at Caleta, I have been a model to help with animation and even dubbed some characters. I did the famous “bingo” scream in Banana Bingo and, believe it or not, the starfruit in Fruitverse has my voice as well.

What can we expect from your upcoming games?

Paulo: Our slogan is “Making Better Games”, and we take that quite literally. With every game we make, we try to innovate, make improvements and enhance our technology. Our goal is to continue growing competitively in the market without ever forgetting the quality of our product. This was our main goal during the development of our last games and it will continue that way for the next ones to come.

What are the next steps for the company?

Fabíola: Increasing Caleta’s visibility in the market is a fundamental step for us to grow and solidify our business. We will keep promoting and strengthening our brand. We are currently obtaining the Malta B2B license from the Malta Gaming Authority, which will bring us even more notoriety. Therefore, this coming year, we will be at several iGaming events, with special emphasis on the Caleta booth at ICE London. We are already recognized for our innovation and agility, so have no doubt that 2023 will be full of good news.

Source: Games Magazine Brasil