Caleta Gaming launches Rainbow Jackpot with LatamWin’s platform



Brazilian game developer Caleta premieres its new engagement feature, the Rainbow Jackpot, along with the LatamWin platform to guarantee payment before reaching the maximum pre-defined value in each level, without extra cost or time limit and winners. In addition, it allows players using different currencies to compete for the same prize, thanks to the flexible and instantaneous currency conversion system developed.

Everything we design has as its ultimate goal the entertainment, satisfaction, and engagement of players. The search for innovation combined with the creativity, efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology made the design, execution and, finally, the official launch of this engaging resource that is very popular in the casino market possible,” observed Felipe Moritz, Project Manager at Caleta.

The launch will initially be on the LatamWin platform and will soon be available to all Caleta Gaming partners. In total, there are three levels of simultaneous and progressive prizes: MINOR, MAJOR, and GRAND.

It took months of research, testing, and refinement to make our products even more attractive. Through the Rainbow Jackpot, we believe that we will enhance our gameplay and also boost our promotional power. We are extremely excited and confident with everything that the Rainbow Jackpot can offer to our entire customer base,” added Luís Proença, Product Owner at Caleta.

Wilfred Adelsdorfer, CEO at Latamwin, commented: “We feel privileged to be the pioneers and to be able to contribute to the launch of this feature. Caleta games have performed very well in our entire distribution network and we are very satisfied with this partnership that started about 1 year ago, we always seek long-term benefits for both parties.”

Source: GMB