Caleta Gaming presents its first release of cross platform casino games.

September has seen Caleta Gaming introduce 38 new titles into the Casino market. From tumbling reels, progressive multipliers, a variety of bonus games and wild events, the 21 new Slots have it all.



With titles such as Magic Forest, China Charms, Torch of Fire and Fruit Salad there is a game to cater for all markets.

“Caleta is often seen as a small game studio punching above its weight, but this release of content is further proof that the agile and focussed nature of the business is one of our biggest advantages when it comes to launching cutting-edge games quickly” said David Marcus, Caleta Gaming CEO.

Bingolicious, Bingo Bruxaria and Shamrock Ball Bingo are 3 of the popular Video Bingo games also introduced and they are packed with new features and bonuses.

“All games have been built in house through Caleta’s GP5 (Gaming Platform HTML5) and are in full HD and available to play across all devices, both online and mobile” says Fabiola Jaeger, Caleta Gaming COO. “Working with our proven math models, GP5 is able to output a wide range of game types including Keno, Lotto, Blackjack and more to come”.

This is another exciting step for us as we continue to expand our portfolio with the aim of giving our customers the most innovative and engaging games around.David Marcus

Caleta Gaming ( is a game design and development company for the Casino Industry with a focus on real money gaming for online and mobile, social and casual gaming for online and mobile and land based real money gaming. Operating out of 2 locations, London, UK, and Florianópolis, Brazil, they are able to give great access to all clients.

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