We create our own exclusive games from scratch, from the know-how inherited from the experience of our team


map2We chose to call ourselves Caleta Gaming named after a well known location on one of the best kept beaches in the world. The name represents the strength, energy and passion that drives us when it comes to creating new games. We are a young but very experienced multi lingual team comprising of experts in programming, statistics, mathematics, illustration, animation, design, psychology, script writing and more importantly players. Founded early 2013, Caleta Gaming has already built an appealing and innovative game library, intuitive gaming platforms and have social games running off Facebook, Google Play and the App Store.


• Focus on the customer
• Ethics and transparency
• Innovation and quality
• Respect and appreciation for our employees
• Results
• Robust Maths


To provide entertainment and happiness to people through our products, and to add to the business growth of our clients.


We currently operate out of 2 locations giving great access to all clients. London, UK & Florianópolis, Brazil.